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Mind-blowing Unseen Bloody Waterfall – 3 Pics

There is strange unseen waterfall that looks like flow of blood. This funny and unseen bloody waterfall may be another mystery of nature I suppose. Or not?

Funny Unlucky Cow of The Day – 4 Pics

I don't understand how the cow got into the well, but they everything ended ok for cow. Look at this funny cow and think how it stuck into the well...lol

Scary Uninvited Guest Alligator in Home – 4 Pics

If something like alligator came to visit me, I probably have died of fear, I hope everything is OK with owners of this house.

Weird But Thoughtful Monkey Mummy – 3 Photos

Wonderful weird mother turned out of that monkey, I hope she will be able to raise this cub, Good luck! Take a look at this monkey mummy taking care of cub...lol

This Spider VS Mantis Battle Will Blow Your Mind – 8...

You can see insects battle in these funny photos. I do not like insects, especially spiders and mantises. Can anybody guess who will win this battle?