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Weird Funny Costume That Is Mind-blowing – 4 Photos

Many people complain about their work. Do you want to become the sausage-man? I don't want. This is really awkward and weird funny costume...lol

16 Creative Funny Scarecrows

There is amusing selection of creative funny scarecrows. Their authors have very vivid fantasy.

14 Awesome Funny Freaks That Will Shock You

Here is awesome body piercing pics of funny freaks that will shock you. Why do these people make such a terrible things with their faces and bodies? I can't understand.

Funny Hairy Man Yu Zenhuan – 16 Pics

His name is Yu Zenhuan and he is from China. When he was 2 years, parents noticed the hair growth of ears, things got worse, and now his body is 96% covered with hair.

Awesome Funny Wedding That Will Shock You

Cute couple And the wedding they have is very funny and weird. I bet you will must shock after watching these funniest wedding couple and hilarious wedding theme.