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Awesome Seat Leon Cupra R Car Photos – 7 Pics

New car from Seat - Seat Leon Cupra R. It is perfectly approach for a city. I think this awesome car is a quite good gift for your girlfriend

5 Epic Fail Pics of Truck Driver Bad Luck

This truck driver was not lucky, I hope he will be more careful in the next time. Check out the hilarious epic fail truck driver pics...lol

Can You Find Funny Car In These Pictures

You can see different funny cars on the road. Here is another example of funny car on road, in which there is AC and looks like small home on wheel..lol

3 Epic Fail Pictures of Funny Overloaded Truck

Huge truck could not resist overloading! It's very funny. Check out the epic fail pictures of funny overloaded truck.

Tank VS Car – One of The Strange Experiment Pics

It is one of the strange and rare experiment. I knew that the tank is not only heavier than car but also stronger than car.