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Awesome Jumping Crocodile – 4 Pics

I know that crocodiles can run quickly and swim well! But they also can jump high, Look below funny pictures of crocodile that jumps for food.

Funny Puppy Playing In Garden – 3 Photos

Dogs are the best friend of human in the world. This funny dog ran and stumbled and it was very surprised that. Check out funny puppy playing in the garden.

Funny Breakdown That Will Shock You – 4 Pics

There is another surprise under the hood of car, and it is not very pleasant for the owner of this car. Take a look at this scary rat under the hood of car...lol

Funny Animals Have Their Own Course In Fashion

Here are animals in various fashion trends and looks very funny...

Meanwhile Funny Hungry Piglet In China

Do not be afraid! This piglet does not eat a dog. It just very hungry and wants milk. These are the best pictures of dog and piglet relationship...lol