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Funny Images

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40 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment That Will Amaze You

Don't miss showcase of 40 greatest photos that were just taken at the right moment. Most of them are funny coincidences or from just the right perspective but there are some brilliant perfectly timed photos.

25 Ridiculous Selfies Gone Wrong: The Worst Selfies Ever

25 hilariously bad selfies that went from bad to worse in a nanosecond – ridiculous selfies gone wrong! Check out the worst selfies ever that will make your day full of laughter.

Top 15 Funny April Fool Pranks That Will Make Your Day

April Fool's Day is marked by pranks and practical jokes and here are awesome top 15 funny April Fool's day pranks. Notable practical jokes have appeared on radio and TV stations, newspapers, web sites, and have been performed by large corporations.

Funny April Fool Cartoon

The new way to hang the criminals, according to this he will not die due to the hanging but he will die due to the jumps. Take a look and laugh...

30 Crazy Oh Sh!t Moments That Will Shock You

Have you ever seen crazy, scary or weird moments before that captured at perfect time? No! Then take a look at these 30 crazy oh sh!t moments that will shock you.